Apple Launched it Latest Iphone , Iphone 5S know the special Features

Apple calls its new flagship phone, the iPhone 5S, the most forward looking phone ever. Despite speculation about the unchanged design and fingerprint scanner coming right, Apple managed to surprise everyone by adding some very innovative features. Some of these features are coming to a phone for the first time. Here is a look at what is good and what is not so good in the new iPhone 5S.

The good part

A7 processor: Apple has never really talked about having a quad-core or an octa-core processor in the iPhone. Indeed, the company always talk about their chipset and how faster it will be from the predecessor. The iPhone 5S will come with an A7 chip, which will be twice the CPU and GPU performance of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S is the world's first smartphone with 64-bit support for handling some high performance apps.

iOS 7: The iOS 7 was announced a couple of months ago at the WWDC event. Many of the new features in the OS will try and exploit the A7 chipset and its 64-bit architecture.
Touch ID: Apple has implemented this fingerprint identity sensor very smartly, without making much changes to the hardware. The Home button is now made from laser-cut sapphire crystal which directs the image of the finger to a capacitive touch sensor that reads beneath the outer layers of your skin to get a detailed print. 
 Surrounding the button is a stainless steel ring that detects the finger, wakes the sensor, and improves the signal-to-noise ratio. Software comes into play to match to unlock your phone. In fact, this process even eliminates passwords while purchasing content from App Store, iTunes etc.
Camera: Apple has not increased the megapixel count. But the iPhone 5S has got a 15 per cent larger sensor that allows individual pixels to get larger, which results in a better image. There is also a larger f/2.2 aperture that adds up to 33 per cent greater light sensitivity for better, brighter images with more accurate colours. The true tone flash figures out how much flash is actually needed and reduces chance of burnout.
Motion coprocessor: One Apple surprise was inclusion of an M7 motion coprocessor. Designed to work with the A7 chip, it will measure motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass - to work much more efficiently. For instance, it will sense whether you are walking, running or driving and accordingly switch the mode in the navigation/maps.
Colours: Apple has finally looked beyond the colour palette of white and black as the iPhone 5S will also be available in Gold. While it will depend up on the personal preference, consumers have at least one more colour to choose from.

The downside
Design: The iPhone 5S comes with the same 5inch display found on the iPhone 5. There aren't any significant changes in the looks either.
64-bit: We still need to get some more clarity about how the iPhone will leverage the 64 bit support.
Price: The unlocked version of the iPhone 5S 16GB will retail at $649 + takes in the USA market. This comes out to approximately 
Rs.42,000 plus taxes. But considering the weakening Indian currency, the iPhone 5S is expected to cross Rs.50,000. India is still not a part of the first phase launch.

Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone mini launch in Sept?

Speculation about the possible release date for the new iPhone 5S or 6 continues and according to latest reports, Apple could schedule its launch on September 10.
According to AllThingsD, Apple will simultaneously announce not one, but two new models - the iPhone 5S or 6 and a low end iPhone mini called the 5C.

The iPhone 5 was launched on September 12.There were reports earlier, based on an analyst’s estimate that this year Apple could, however, advance the launch date to September 11.As analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities put it: "Apple may announce the iOS 7, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5S at a launch event on September 3 and release the devices a week later on Sept 11."
Some other reports also slate the release dates to September 13 and September 27.There have been multiple rumours about the screen size of the new iPhone 6 ranging from anywhere over 4.5inch to a 5 inch screen.
According to MacRumours, Apple could most probably come out with a 4.8inch display. Made by Sharp, the IGZO screen will be much thinner with resolutions better than an otherwise HD display.
Among the other specs that could form a part of the next iPhone are the fingerprint scanner, NFC capability and rumours even point to improved camera specifications and a quad-core A6X processor.

On how the new iPhone would look, NAK studio came out with this interesting design that showcases the new iPhone.

Meanwhile, the iPhone mini rumours have been going on for a while and it is being widely reported that the low end version will come with a plastic back cover or chassis, similar to what was found in the iPhone3G.There have also been reports that Apple is planning to come out with a mini with multiple colours.
Images of the iPhone mini leaked by a Chinese tech blog last month indicated a plastic body and various colour options.
Reports had also indicated that production of the phone was underway although no release date was mentioned then.Apple as usual has not commented anything so far about its plans to build cheaper

BlackBerry launches new smartphone BB 9720

BlackBerry has announced the official launch of BlackBerry 9720, a combination of BB7 and the recent BBQ5.The move is aimed at attracting entry level users with a slightly advanced user experience.
The company has been in the news following its latest announcement that it has appointed a committee to explore strategic alternatives which could include partnerships, joint ventures or even a sale.The new phone has been launched in five different colours – black, blue, pink, purple and white - and will be available across the region in including the UAE within the next few weeks.
Making the announcement in an official release BlackBerry said the new smartphone provides the user with an experience of a starter smartphone while taking them to the next level.The smartphone runs of BB 7.1 and features a full QWERTY keyboard, 2.8-inch touchscreen and trackpad for easy navigation, seven hours of talk time and a 5MP camera. Other features include built-in FM radio, pre-installed apps for social networking and a separate button for BBM messenger among others.

Carlo Chiarello, Executive Vice-President for Products at BlackBerry says: "The BlackBerry 9720 smartphone gives you all the essentials of the BlackBerry smartphone experience to support a communications centric lifestyle.

“It has the best keyboard and functionality for BBM, as well as an updated BlackBerry 7 OS that adds many enhancements. “It's perfect for customers upgrading from a feature phone or entry-level Android or Windows Phone device, as well as existing BlackBerry smartphone customers, that want a richer experience and jump up in style and performance," said Chiarello.
BlackBerry 9720 top features 

BlackBerry 7 OS
The new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone comes with BlackBerry 7 OS version 7.1, which features an updated interface that lets you swipe to unlock the phone or access the camera from the lock screen, as well as additional enhancements 

The new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone features a dedicated BBM key that makes it quick and convenient to access the globally popular mobile social network, and with its BlackBerry Keyboard, messaging your BBM friends is easy and accurate.
It also includes BBM Voice, which lets you chat over Wi-Fi for free. 

The refreshed BlackBerry 7 OS lets you quickly type your message once and post it simultaneously and instantly to your friends on BBM, Twitter and Facebook. You can take a picture and post it to multiple social networks all at the same time, from the camera app.

The pen that checks for spelling errors on PAPER and vibrates when you make a mistake

A pair of German inventors have created a digital pen that can check for spelling mistakes in handwriting. The Lernstift, which is German for learning pen, has a built-in sensor that recognises writing movements and tracks the shape of the letters to recognise words. It then vibrates when a mistake is made.

Lernstift also has Wi-Fi built-in and the pen can be connected a smartphone or PC to upload written texts online, share them on social networks or take part in writing training. Future models will also check for grammatical errors and the designers Falk Wolsky and Daniel Kaesmacher hope it will help children and adults develop their writing and spelling skills. 

The idea came from Wolsky's wife while she was helping her son with his homework.Current digital pens use optical sensors to pick up the writing movements and digitise the words or sketches so they can be used on a computer.

Some of these pens require additional devices, while others only work with specialty paper.

Lernstift is different because it has the technology and software built-in. The computer inside Lernstift is an embedded Linux system - a scaled-down version seen on some PCs and laptops. 

The board contains a non-optical motion sensor, processor, memory, Wi-Fi and vibration module.

The motion sensor recognises all writing movements, even if the pen is used to write in the air.

This means Lernstift doesn't need any additional recognition devices or special paper to work.

It combines a gyroscope with accelerometer, and to optimise the motion recognition, the inventors also added a magnetometer. Built-in Wi-Fi means it can connect to smartphones and computers for social media sharing or learning websites.

The pen has two functions: Orthography Mode is used to recognise misspellings and will vibrate when a word is spelt incorrectly. Calligraphy Mode is used to point out flaws in the form of handwriting and eligibility, to make it neater.

Lernstift uses a built-in handwriting software to compare the written words with the correct spellings. Future models will also be able to point out grammatical mistakes such as wrong word order.Wolsky and Kaesmacher have launched a Kickstarter project to raise £120,000 to produce and sell the Lernstift.

According to the project, the team are using a handwriting engine and language database to trace the words. The software has over 40 languages and Lernstift will be launched in English and German before being rolled out to more languages. This means it could also be used to help people learn new languages.

Apple launching super-cheap iPhone: Leaked pics spark speculation

Are you willing to buy iPhone and  worried that you can't afford it then it looks like your wait is over now.
Apple is set to launch a low-cost iPhone after new images of the phone was leaked. 
A US tech website, Techdy, has reportedly got its hands on the new phone's plastic casing and front screen assembly. 

Techdy claimed that the device has a 4inch screen like an iPhone 5 and is shaped like Apple's iPod Touch. According to the Sun, speculation has been rife about a low cost iPhone after images of its rear shell in white, red, blue, green and yellow emerged last month. 

But in a twist, Techdy have created an Android knock-off called the Basic Bear and are selling them in five colours for 199 dollars each, the report said. The handset is likely to be launched this autumn, presumably alongside Apple's flagship iPhone 5S.


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